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relating to our common ancestors and our 'Home Town' of Scarisbrick in  Lancashire, England.  If you can help with details, please e-mail us.

for Scarisbricks who may have lost contact, for whatever reason, with other Family Members, to renew past relationships.  If you are looking for a particular Family Member, start by looking up the  Family Directory

we would like to establish a list of Websites, created by Scarisbrick Families and Individuals, from around the world.  We would hope that each of these sites would link back to this page and,  naturally, we would provide a link to those sites,  in the  Family Directory

If this Scarisbrick Family website is to achieve its stated purpose, it needs the  support of as many Family Members as possible.

if you already have,  or know of, a Website/Homepage or other source of information,  in one of the following catergories.

A Website or Homepage that:

  • Relates to a particular Scarisbrick Family or Individual

  • Contains a part of the Scarisbrick Family Tree.

  • Contains information about Scarisbrick Family Members, past or present,  that is already public knowledge,   e.g.  Biographies, Historic  etc.  (It is not our policy,  to publish information that is of a defamitory nature,  particularly that  which relates to living persons.)

  • Relates to a business or other organisation that is owned  &/or operated by a Family Member. Click Here for more information about Family Businesses.

  • Contains information about the Township of Scarisbrick in Lancashire,  England; and other places and/or organisations that bear the name of Scarisbrick.

  • Contains information of an Historical Nature about the Family,  the Township or the Name of Scarisbrick.
Scarisbrick Hall - The Ancestoral Home of the Scarisbrick Family
was, until recently, a Private School known as Kingswood College
The Estate is now in Private Hands
PHOTO - Rob Scarisbrick
for those who are researching Scarisbrick Family History,  to exchange information. Soon we hope to have a list of links to various branches of the Family Tree.  If you can help us with the details of your branch, please e-mail them to us, at
The Purposes of this Website include:  

for all Scarisbrick Families and Individuals, to introduce themselves to each other.  Check out the Family Directory  for more information.
Scenes of Scarisbrick Hall in Lancashire England
The SCARISBRICK FAMILY CENTER is being established for the benefit and enjoyment of Scarisbrick Family Members around the world by Ken & Myra Scarisbrick of Beaumont, in New South Wales, Australia.

If you wish to contact us, or make comments or suggestions about our website, please feel free to e-mail us at:  
by creating you own Family Homepage, if you have not already done so.  It may be easier than you think.
We use and Highly Recommend  'Homestead'.  Their system is easy to use, once you get the hang of it;  it's extremely flexible and it's quite inexpensive.

Once you get your Homepage up and running,  let us know and we'll provide a link from this site to yours.

If you are a Member of the Scarisbrick Family,  Please take a few moments to add  your name to the Family Directory.

The Arms of
Kingswood College
at Scarisbrick Hall
Scarisbrick Family Center

  • "Thank You" to Andrew Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick, England for sharing the results of untold hours of research on his Family Tree.  See the Results Here

  • "Thank You" also to Rob Scarisbrick of Liverpool, England for providing invaluable assistance with data entry on this site.

  • A special "Thank You" to Jon Kirkwood who has kindly shared many photos of Scarisbrick Hall, taken during the 1970's.  See Photos Here

The Ceiling in
the Great Hall at
Scarisbrick Hall
The Great Hall is a lofty copy of a medieval hall, the heart of the dwelling for a prosperous family, with it's ornate roof and heavily carved wood, tiled floor and gallery over the twin throne.
Myra & Ken Scarisbrick
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Scarisbrick Variations
Myra & Ken Scarisbrick

Kingswood College
If you are able to trace
your Family Tree back to
Charles Eccleston
(Dicconson) (Scarisbrick)
(1800-1860),  We have
Good News for you!

Thanks to Andrew Scarisbrick
of Scarisbrick, we now have a
list of the Ancestors of Charles
back to Gilbert de Scarisbrick,
who died in 1238.

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Family Web Site

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Family Web Site

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Family Web Site
Dedicated to the name of Scarisbrick and all it's known variations including:
From time to time we get
requests, from Family
Members and others,
seeking information
about past and present members of the
Scarisbrick Family.

Perhaps YOU know the whereabouts of, or have information concerning,
the people being sought.

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Requests for Information

Even the smallest piece of
a jig-saw helps us to see
The Big Picture a little clearer!
Arial View of Scarisbrick Hall
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